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Excellence in Inclusion

"  Supplier Diversity inclusion is a decision we make

when exclusion is not a option...

-Veronica Cook-Euell, The Euell Group

About Veronica

Master networker, collaborator and thought leader with skills used on behalf of clients. Over 25 years of creative, innovative, and award- winning leadership with a consistent record of achieving outcomes and results through excellence. Professional expertise in key areas of leadership include community relations and development, strategic planning and assessment, budget management, staff development, social services, diversity and inclusion, event planning, entrepreneurship, organizational training, advocate and compelling public speaker, match- maker and supplier diversity thought leader.


EUELL BE... Better, Empowered, Diverse

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Why The Euell Group?

The Euell Group is a full-service strategic supplier diversity consulting firm with expertise in construction outreach, engagement, community liaison and minority business development, reporting, and monitoring. Professional services in the area of diversity and inclusion training, as well as drug-free safety program & training, are also our specialties. We are committed to our clients, their business strategies and delivering excellence in partnering on short-list presentations and representation at the highest caliber


Services We Provide:


Akron, OH 

833-EUELL-BE (833-383-5523)

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